Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

Well for the last two days we have had record temperatures - down in the 30's last night. We had a frost warning, etc. To the point that several people were out there covering their plants and bushes. Not me. I have a black thumb, if I even look at them they wither and die. Better to let them take their chances.

The high for today is only something like 65. BRRRR!! I actually had to put on jeans and a long sleeve shirt. And pretty soon I'm going to have to break down and put on socks cause my toes are freezing. Yes I know that 60 is not like "really" cold for alot of people. I grew up in the north so I know what snow looks like, and feels like, and I've shoveled more than my fair share. But after living "in the warmth" for several years my body has adjusted and 60 is COLD BABY. And I don't like it one bit!

And my kids like it even less as proven by the fights we have had the last two mornings over getting dressed. Put on pants and a long sleeve shirt. Oh mom! It's not that cold! And put on your jacket! Mom!!! So they humor me. I got pants on all of them and a long sleeve shirt on one of them. I made the other two take the jackets - although I am 100% positive they will take them off the second I can't see them, at least I tried.

Note it also doesn't help that HH is just as bad as the kids. His response when I say it's cold and try to get everyone to dress warmer is that no one ever got sick from being cold. I hate that scientists have actually proven that you don't get sick from the cold. I'd post the link, but I don't rememeber where HH found it. But it has been proven. Apparently people get sick in winter because of all the time we spend hiding out inside sharing germs. Not from the actual cold. In warmer weather we aren't as cooped up together for extended periods of time. Blah Blah Blah... I hope that scientist goes out w/o his jacket and gets sick. It would serve him right. So go put your jacket on before you catch a cold!