Green Eggs and Ham

Yes it's a silly title, but for some reason it just seems fitting to me. Every time I cook ham, I am reminded of the story Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. I guess I read it one or twp or three too many times when the kids were little. Actually there was a brief period of time in my life when I could recite the book from memory. I'd like to claim I still can, but truth be told I can't - well at least not without a refresher. I'm sure most of it would come back if I read it again.

Oh, back to the ham thing. Growing up my parents (actually my father) fried most foods (bad for you, but oh so YUMM!). And fried ham was a regular item on the greasy spoon menu. Usually on Sunday morning for breakfast with some equally greasy fried eggs. I can't stand sunny side up eggs - way to loose and jiggly and scrambled eggs are almost as bad. If I had to eat eggs as a child I would only eat the whites - the yellow part was just too gross - even scrambled. Not I can occasionally stomach a few bites of them scrambled, but that is about it.

So tonight HH is out to dinner with coworkers and it's just me and the peeps (kids). So I was looking for a quick and easy dinner. I was going to make Philly Cheese Steaks (major yum!) but PP1 and PP2 don't eat them. So I opened the freezer and there staring at me was some leftover Xmas ham that I had frozen. HUMMM instant dinner plan. HH isn't crazy about ham and the kids and I LOVE ham especially FRIED ham. So tonight for dinner we savored the smell of ham frying up to a golden brown salty crispness.

Anyway this led me to thinking about all the foods from my childhood that I relish. And I must say that I am saddened that my entire family turns up its nose at most of my favorite childhood foods. How did that happen? I am the chief cook and bottle washer and none of my family loves my favorites; meatloaf, mashed potatoes, beef stew, stuffed cabbage, chili w/ beans, potato pancakes, Swiss steak, sausage stuffing, etc. I know when it was just HH and I, I didn't make them very often - HH made it quiet clear that he dislikes them. Now it's hard to justify spending an hour or two on a meal only to have everyone complain and make faces at having to eat it. Anyone else have this problem? A husband who dislikes your favorite foods? I think I feel some meatloaf or something coming on...