Melting Candle Wax?

So last night PP1 slept over a friends house. Instead of coming home at the requested time, she called to see if she could stay longer. Why? I asked. Reminding her you have chores to do, such as feeding your creatures. Who by 10am were looking kind of sadly at their bowls. So she tells me they are working on this really cool project. Okay I know how it is when you are caught up in the moment. I relent and ask how how much longer do you need? 15 more minutes is agreed upon. So 15 minutes later her and her friend breeze into the house, wash and chop and fill bowls and go flying on out of the house again. Must be some awe fully cool project they are working on. Can't wait to hear the details... or maybe I can?

Fast forward a wee bit, friend has to go out with her parents and PP1 returns home. After a quick rummage through her stuff she returns to ask if she can melt this candle. I look at it. It is the candle she made me for a Xmas present a year or two ago. A baby food jar decorated with glitter with a votive candle placed inside. She wants the candle... to melt it. Hummm, the candle is nothing special and the jar will remain. Okay I'll bite what are we melting the candle for?

Apparently at said friends house they took 10 or so candles and melted them onto aluminum foil and created fun stuff out of the melted wax. I'm leery, I don't like the idea of mixing long hair, a ten year old and a candle flame and request she wait until I can at least supervise. So a bit later we begin. I light the candle and wait for further directions. And after receiving none, I watch to see what she does. Apparently all they were doing is pouring the melted wax onto aluminum foil and smearing it around with their fingers. Hum mm, even as an adult I still like playing with candles (I light b-day ones as many times as I can get away with before HH complains.) I decide it's not super dangerous or overly messy (after watching for a good 20-30 minutes) and allow her to have her fun. After all it is fun (go ahead and try it - I won't tell) and it's much better than cartoon watching and I like that the young scientist in her is learning, experimenting AND helping/including PP2. What more could a parent ask for? Two siblings getting along all in the name of fun. Who knew sisters could bond over some old votive and b-day candles?