Chirp, chirp, chirp

Chirp! Beep! Chirp! Chirp! That was the sound that awakened me this morning. At are you ready for this? At 5am! Now anyone who knows me, knows that a morning person I am not. And 5am qualifies as way to early to be wake (unless you are doing the whole Black Friday day after Thanksgiving shopping thing. But even then I still think real hard about whether or not I'm willing, not to mention able to get up that early. But that is a different post.)

Anyway, back to the smoker detector thing. Why is it that smoke detectors NEVER, EVER go off in the middle of the day. Say mid afternoon? I'd be happy to meet it for say Lunch? Or how about early evening? We could do dinner? They only go off between 3am-5am, when 99.9% of the general population is sleeping. Now I can understand if there is a REAL fire, go right ahead and wake my butt up! I don't have a death wish or anything. But surely with all the technical knowledge available someone could invent a smoke detector that would wait until at least 7am to let you know that it needs, ahem, WANTS a new battery.

So it's 5am and the smoke detector is doing it's thing beeping and chirping quite happily. Like once a minute or so. Well I don't know who decides how many or where smoke detectors go, but my two story house has 9 - yes nine of them! Whoever installed these little buggers, obviously was super worried about me, because I have one outside my bedroom door AND one inside my bedroom door. Then there's one in the bedroom hall way and one inside and outside the kids' rooms. Do you know how hard it is when you are barely wake to figure out which one of the nine is laughing at you. Yes I said laughing at you or me as the case may be. Surely it was laughing as I stumbled around with a ladder trying to reach each one on the ceiling trying to find the culprit.

So I finally find the culprit, now to try and open up the darn thing upside down and jam a new battery in there. I'm sure this is why so many people die in house fires. Their smoke detector wakes them at 3am. They find the culprit only to discover they do not have a new battery with which to silence the thing - so yank, twist and pull, wham! They rip the thing off the ceiling. I mean I'd do just about anything to silence the darn thing so I could go back to sleep. Then bam! The smoker detector gods looking down on you realize you are unprotected and wham! Instant karma, be on the look out for a fire. Luckily I'm smarter than my smoker detectors - I have a super size pack of 9 volts batteries I bought from Costco - just for this very reason. YUP! HA! HA! The little bugger didn't think I'd be ready for it, but I was. So there! Take that!! Here's your new battery! Now shut up and be quiet! This gal needs her sleep. How much do you want to bet another ones decides to challenge me tomorrow thinking that that was my last battery? It wasn't! (But don't tell them that - wink!) I'm ready for them. Are you?!