Oh to be a cat

This morning all the kids: HP, PP1 and PP2 had dentist appointments. Early in the morning dentist appoinments. Early like in need to be there before 8am. As in wake up to find it still pitch black outside. Did I mention that our dentist whom the kids love is a good 40 minutes away in non-rush hour traffic. And that I am faced with dealing with rush hour traffic - in season rush hour traffic. Now nornally this is not a big deal because Handsome Hunk(HH) usually does the dentist run. He is a morning person and I am the night owl. So a long time ago - like when the kids were tiny babies we split it up. He does early mornng stuff and I handle all the wee hours of the morning stuff. Just kind of works out for us. Well this morning HH had an early morning meeting. I know it's not his fault but still - couldn't his boss plan it for a different day? So guess who had to take everyone to the dentist? You got it! Well when the alarm went off this morning lets just say I could barely move - even after a hot shower and several cups of coffee.

So to get to the point right now I am coveting my cat's job - eat, sleep, eat some more, sleep and then sleep some more, oh and occasionally tease the dog. Right up until I got out the camera he was fast asleep.

He looked just like the dog - whose job is somewhat similar to the cat's. Eat, sleep, play tug of war, sleep and torment the cat on occasion. Currently everyone is sound asleep except for me. Humm, sure looks like fun! I would love to join them except I've got to pick the kids up from school in tiny bit and if I fall asleep now I'd never make. Off to grab another cup of coffee. Care to join me?