History Projects

I know that history projects, science projects etc are part of growing up, but why why WHY! do teachers have to assign so darn many of them? Don't they realize that parents have better things to do than remind their kids that they only have XXX number of days left until said project is due. It creates real strife in my house because - it drives me crazy knowing that said project is due and zip, zero , zilch has been done on it. Handsome Hunk (HH)says just let him go and do whatever and if he gets a bad grade so be it. But me I'm just not wired like that. I know this kid. He is capable of GREAT work! He is just lazy and will do the BARE minimum to just squeak by. IT DRIVES me CRAZY!

Anyway Handsome Prince (HP) just finished a science one a few weeks ago and no sooner was he done with that one when his history teacher assigned another one. I get it. Kids need to learn how to do these and I guess I should be thankful that they both weren't assigned at the same time. But come on. I'm tried of fighting with HP to make some progress on it. And the scrapbooker in me cringes when she sees he's got no plan. Just slap it down, crooked, etc whatever just to be done with it.

Last year I help - by showing him how to mat and double mat all of his research etc. Really that is ALL I DID (see pic). But this year HH suggested and I step back even further and let HP do everything himself. UGG! It's a painful process for this mom to let her HP turn in something that I know with just a tiny bit of care could look so much better.