Happy Hump Day

Why does it seems like the weekend just zips along but he rest of the week takes forever? It's only weds and I am way behind of general stuff, cleaning, laundry, groceries, etc. Of course having a sick PP2 home with me might have something to do with it, but still. I faithfully do several loads of laundry every day and yet I always have another basket waiting. Every once in a while I'll actually have everything done and feel like okay I can take a break and them overnight they are full again. I swear clothes must just unhung themselves from the closets and crawl into my dirty laundry pile. I think they just like the attention.

Groceries I understand, I no sooner buy the stuff than everyone eats it all. And if they haven't eaten it by the end of the first day, by day 2 it's no good any longer and I start to hear the familiar whine. There's nothing good to eat! Come on people, yes I know that carrots are not your favorite food or bananas for that matter. But there is good stuff to eat. We are just out of your favorites because you ate them all the second I bought them.

I realize some of this stuff is pretty boring to read and if you are keeping up with me good for you. This blog is more for me right now than it is for you. I'm working on that book I told you about, The Artist's Way (see several posts down). And I'm using it for some of my morning pages. Well sort of. As you can see I haven't been the greatest about updating it everyday. That's because I feel like a blog should be interesting and have lots of great pictures and I'm just to lazy to stop and upload pictures every single day. I've got to find an easier way to do that and then maybe this blog will get a tad bit more interesting. Anyway my to do list is starting at me and the dog is barking at me so TA! TA! for now.