Walking, walking aand more walking

No apoligies for not blogging. I just wasn't feeling it and time just didn't permit it. It is what is.

So I am doing the 21 day challenge over here at Rhonna Blog.

I needed something to motivate me and the time just happened to me right for me. I am 1 day behind everyone else, but that is okay. Ya! I could just skip a day, but I want it to be a real 21 day challenge. And this way if creativity should so inspire me I can work on thr next day's ahead of time. Although honestly I haven't been doing the creating everyday. I'm usually 2-3 days behind. BUt the challenge - walking - I've done everyday so far.

So today I logged close to 4 miles (I think). I haven't driven it yet. I know to the school and back is 2 miles and I know that to the end opposite end of my development is another mile. BUt then we added on like we've been doing all week. Just not sure how long the one street was that we added on was. But it took me 60 minutes to walk the whle thing with both dogs. And I'm thinkin I was fast walking for most of it. So I'm going to say 4 miles. Until I know better. (wink)

The Zebra was not to happy with the walk, because I have a no potty break rule. IAnd I wasn't letting her break the rule. She tried, and I just wasn't buying it. Drag you booty all you want. A rule is a rule is a rule. And I hate scooping the poop. So they get to go out twice before I walk and do their business. If they don't do it, well then you just have to hold it. Sorry I'm not scooping and carry smelling poo with me on my walk. Just the way it is.