Lunch, it's such a simple pleasure

I've got a lot of projects in the fire right now. I don't have time to touch on them all right now. But let me tell you the next time someone asks me to go to lunch with them, I'm all over it. There will be no arm twisting needed. I promise! Because it's the simplest things that ALWAYS end up being the absolute best things in life.

Some background for you... Perfect Princess Number 1 (PP1) has been on my case for not coming to visit her at school for lunch. You see her and I made a deal that I would come in and have lunch with her once a week if she did her homework w/o complaining, got her chores done, etc, etc, etc. And needless to say I've been negligent on our deal. Totally my fault and she called me on it. I knew it was coming, and I so totally deserved it. But I also so totally didn't want to go. Even though I knew I had to. Lunch at 11 am is not exactly convenient especially when it's usually just when I am in full swing working on getting my stuff done. But needless to say I made the time and spent yesterday having lunch with PP1. The day was cloudy,rainy, overcast basically just plain blah! Not a day I really wanted to eat outside with PP1. But a commitment is a commitment and I held up my end of the deal. Well by the time was lunch was over I had a case of the warm and fuzzies. I know that sounds sappy. I can't even believe I'm writing that. But it's true. God smiled done on us and sent Mr Golden sun to warm up the day. And while he did that PP1 and I enjoyed each others company to the point that both of us left with smiles that out shown Mr. Golden Sun. It was so totally worth it! So let this be a lesson for you, sometimes our children really do know what's best for them and for us.

In other news, Handsome Hunk has been off of work all this week and we've been busy. No! Not that kind of busy! Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm on a mission to organize, clean and purge. Lately I've been feeling like all of my stuff is suffocating me, so I'm trying to crawl out from under all the things holding me down, weighing me down. You see I come from a long line of pack rats. And while I'm not as bad as Loving Mom, I still have a hard time letting go of stuff. Well this week Handsome Hunk and I began the painful task (for me - he'd throw it all out) of purging the garage. And after one van full of stuff to Goodwill and a few trips to the dumpster things are looking better. BUT we (actually I) still have a long way to go.

In other news, The kids were off from school on Monday - MLK day and we spent the absolutely perfect day at the beach of course! The day was PERFECT - not to hot, not to cool - just perfect - except for the sand fleas or no-see-ums. Ugh! After only about an hour the kids and I were ready to pack it in and head home. They were beyond bad - the bugs that is. It's been over a week and I swear there are still a few stragglers in hiding in my car. I did manage to get sunburned - but only on my left side. How does that happen?

ON the brighter side of our beach excursion - Alex caught this really great little crab guy.

I need to upload some of the pictures. I think it's a spider crab. Totally made their day! Especially since the water was freezing! How they managed to spend anytime in it was beyond me.

If you are looking for a great read check out this book called the Black Rose. It's a great suspense novel with lots of action, spies, etc. Great book - totally not my typical beach read. I did however waste the ENTIRE next day finishing it.