Exercise - it hurts, but feels good

Well a group of gals I hangout with have started exercising. They joined a gym, yada, yada. Me I'm not a gym person unless I can fall out of bed and into the gym. I'd love to hang with them in the gym, but I know that I'll use the 20 minutes it takes to drive there as an excuse not to go. Especially since season is upon us and that means more traffic and a longer drive. So I've dusted off my exercise videos and begun the painful task of getting back into shape. So far I'm three days in. And while I'm sore it actually feels good! Who would have thought?

However, I am sad to report one of my most beloved exercise videos is almost dead. It's from the pre-dvd days (aka it's a VHS - oh the horror!) Anyway it's fuzzy and mostly static, but I can still hear the gals voice queuing me, but soon it will be completely dead. I hate having to learn a new video routine. It's so much nicer to start out - when you are out of shape - with a comfortable old video that you already know. Your body just suddenly remembers it and off it goes, doing the steps w/o too much input or thought on your part. Anyway I'm shopping for a new video. One without a bunch of jumping jacks - cause I could never do them even when I was a kid. So if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.