Dec/Jan Cricut Magazine Monthly Challenge

Here is my project for the monthly challenge for the Cricut Circle Magazine. We could create any project we wanted to, but we had to use Cricut Craft Room, the free online design tool offered by Cricut.com. So for this challenge I used 2 different carts to cut designs for a history fair project display board. You will never guess what carts I found these images on... Go ahead try and guess... (I'll wait.)

Disney Classic for the artist palette
Nate's ABC's for the paint brushes and paint pot

Yep! Totally not the carts I would have expected to find cuts like these on. Just goes to show that being a Cricut cart collector pays off. You just never know what cart is going to have the perfect cut for a project you are working. :)

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RockinRenee said...

So true! I like to refer to them as "hidden gems"! Great board and good luck with the challenge.