Patience, pays off.

As does checking in at your favorite msg boards on a regular basis.  So I have been wanting the MS All Occasion Cake Cartridge for quite some time now.  But it was one of the elusive harder to find/get carts.  You know the ones that you can only get in xyz bundle when you buy a xyz special edition machine.  I think this one was exclusive to a MS Cricut cake machine bundle, yada yada.

Anyway.. It has some great borders on it.  Think all those famous MS punches that have a way of jumping into my cart when I am at Michael's.  And it was never for sale at a reasonable price, aka $20 or less (that is my self imposed limit on carts I want, but don't necessarily "need" for a particular project.)  And then one day this past week low and behold a fellow Cricut Circle member posted about some sale MS carts she found on HSN. So off I go to check it out figuring that now that the info it has hit the msg board they are going to be sold out.  But wait, they aren't!  So long story short, guess what I am holding in my hot little hands.  Yep one very pretty MS All Occasions Cake Cart.  Thank you msg board  friends!  You are so good, at enabling me.  Although I will admit I am weak and easily swayed by a really good deal on scrapbooking pretties.

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Melody Lane Designs said...

Isn't it so exciting to get something you have been wanting? :)