HSN Cricut Banner Challenge

Ok so I've known about this contest/challenge for a while now. But in typical me fashion, I waited until the very last minute to get started on my entries. < I probably shouldn't admit this. > Yes I said entries. I was going to make two banners for this challenge, a paper one and a fabric one. Unfortunately when you wait until the last minute to start a project, things don't always go as planned. Sometimes things like kids, pets, laundry, dinner, Internet, sleep, etc... take time away from crafting. So although I planned, sketched and designed out two entries, I only had time to make one. But I love the one I made and it's all good.

For today I am just posting a quick peak of my banner. Once the contest is over I will post more details, etc. I created most of it using Cricut Craftroom, which I LOVE! (Yes I could have used my gypsy, but that screen is hard on my eyes.) CCR and I are fast becoming BFF's. Where have you been all my life CCR?

Now my cable company and I not so much. They came to "fix" a cable tv problem we were having and all was fine and dandy until 20 minutes after the Mr. Cable man left. My ENTIRE house went out. NO cable tv - ok, I can live without that, NO phone - same, I can live without that, BUT NO INTERNET - NOT A GOOD THING! I am joined at the hip to my Internet. And CCR needs internet. UGH!!!

Long story short, I was able to get Mr Cable man to return and he did get everything back up and working but ummm there were a few tense moments there. Like... I screwed up this piece of my banner and I need to re-cut it, and while I have the cartridge I have no idea what size I cut it CCR. I can guesstimate it, but I know it wasn't a nice round number. It was something like 4.875 or 5.097... And my Expression only does whole numbers. So ya! It was touch and go there for a while.

But my plan all came together. :) Now this isn't the greatest picture. It have something to do with me taking it at 3am with my cell phone and it being inside with wonderful fluorescent lights blaring. But a girl does what she's gotta do. p.s. Don't you just love my beach towel backdrop that I hung from one of the kids old science fair project boards using clothespins. Not very pretty, but if nothing else working at 3am teaches you to be inventive.

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MelodyR aka RyandMysMom said...

You did a great job on this banner - love the colors you used, really makes it pop! And ditto on the "yikes" of sending something overnight.