Dog Free Zone...,

Well it's been about a month now that we have had a dog free zone.  And well my cats are loving it!  Who knew that if you wanted friendly lap cats all you had to do was send the dogs on vacation?  Seriously!  I went from seeing the cats only when I put out food or shook the treat bag to having 1 serious lap cat (ok she was always a serious lap cat, but even more so now), 2 semi-lap cats and one that I now see more than once a day.  And my dogs? They are loving life.  They moved up in the world.  They got couch privileges, daily play time and probably most important to them free belly rubs. The only down side no table scraps.  And I bet that means no clean out the fridge snacks. Not a bad trade off if you are a dog.  Plus they do have visiting privileges, much to my cats' dismay.

I will tell you I am still getting used it.  It's weird to get home and not have to tell one of the kids to let them out to go potty. Plus every afternoon around 2 pm, I still go to let them out.  And as much as it annoyed me, I find it weird to have someone knock and not have them bark.  Add to that the pool cleaner guy totally scared the daylights out of me the other day. That would never have happened before.  The dogs would have been sounding the alarm the second he pulled up to the curb.  And I still can't used to scrapping all the table scraps into the trash.  I catch myself almost everyday getting ready to say put that in dogs' bowl.  It's feels almost sinful now when I clean out my fridge.  All the yummy bits hitting the trash. The hamburger that everyone was too full to eat and then no one wanted leftover.  The last few spoonfuls of rice or the leftover gravy now get washed down the sink.  But I know that they are happy and obviously my kitties are too.  It was a win/win all around especially for their new owners.  Who are really enjoying them and teaching them new tricks.  Like how to sit still to have leash put on and to speak if you want a doggy treat.

I think they are coming for a visit this weekend... ps. Above is a picture of Maggie.  I don't have any cute pics of Mitzi on this computer.

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