Celebrations, Celebrations, Celebrations...and lots of rambling.

May is a busy, busy month around here.  But if you are a kid it is sweet - sugary sweet heaven.  It's the month where is seems like every other day we are celebrating someone's birthday.  We have 8 - count them 8 birthdays/celebrations in May...
my youngest daughter's
my hubby's
mine - woo hoo!
my mother in law's
my father in law's
the kids' cousin (who also happens to have a b-day on the exact same day as my daughters)
my in laws anniversary
Then throw in mother's day just for good measure, because we haven't had enough cake my then and you have one serious sweet tooth.

So what's the point of this post?  Well I was going to post pics of last night's dinner celebration, but ummm I forgot to take any.  Bad, scrapbooker.  Hey I was too busy trying all the yummy food we ordered for dinner.  And then sampling all the yummy desserts.  So we went to Bar Louie for happy hour.  We had just about one of every thing....  Calamari, Buffalo Chicken, Sliders, Pretzel Sticks, Shrimp Skewers, Veggie Pizza, Mexican Soup, Pot Stickers, etc... Then we hit the desserts, Death by Choc Brownie (not it's real name - but very yummy), Banana Pudding (not so good), and some kind of Choc Marshmellow Smore Thing (just ok imo) but my kids had no problem eating them.  My favorite of the night was the veggie pizza.  It was right up my alley.  Lots of broccoli, onions, peppers, mushrooms, with just a tiny bit of cheese.  Doing a little happy dance.  I love it when I find something I really like out.

Oh so where was I? Oh yes we were celebrating my in-laws birthday's and their anniversary. And I forgot to take pics (I even made sure I brought the camera - ugh!).  So the week before when we were out (see previous post) my mother in law was talking about restaurants and how she really want to go to Bern's Steak house.  So me (feeling all sneaky and on top of things) immediately text my hubby, while we were out to dinner with them!  I know bad table manners.  But hey, I would have forgotten if I didn't text or write it down or something.  Gift idea your parents = Bern's gift cert. Now let me just say this was really not so terrible as  hubby forgot his phone at home (While the Orioles were ON!  I think he did it on purpose.  i.e No will power.  He would have had to watch them.  But that is just between me and you.)  so I knew he wouldn't get the text until later.  And long story short... that is what "WE" got them.  Ok well that is what "hubby" got them as he had to do all the leg work of actually getting the gift certificate AND the card.  Yes he went there and me being the nice wife I am I let it slide.  ;)

Hummm... first real post in I don't know how long and all I am doing is rambling on and on and on.  God Bless You!  if you have read this far.  Not really sure what the point of this post was.  I guess maybe a jumping off point for journaling a layout w/o any pictures.  Humm... may I can take a pic of my cell phone with the text message on it.  Sounds like a plan.  Got to go!  Got to get the camera before I delete the text message from my phone.  Have great one!

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