Did you say Chandelier?

What chandelier?  Oh, that one...  the one that almost knocked you unconscious!  Well that's why you should NOT be standing underneath or even near a chandelier.  It could fall.  Ok, it might fall.  OH!!  All right, all already!  It did fall.  Out of nowhere.  Luckily you were able to deflect it.  Even luckier you weren't hurt.  Not even by the flying glass that went everywhere.  And surprisingly enough there are only a few scratches on my table. NO scratches or cuts on you.  And the tile ceramic floor tile escaped unharmed.  Note to self:  Do not vacuum the floor just before a chandelier is going to fall.  You will have to do it all over again!  And you will have to do an even better job than you did the first time.  Little bits of shattered glass from the chandelier and light bulbs will go not only into the kitchen and living room, but they will even make it to the dining room.  Enough said.  Do not stand under or by chandeliers, that my friends is your PSA for the day.

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