Working it...

My treadmill and I are really getting to know each other.  I don't know if we'll ever be best friends, but for now we are learning to get along.  It sits in the corner in of my living room and taunts me on days when I ignore it.  Do you know how hard it is to enjoy your favorite TV show lounging on the couch when there is a treadmill lounging just a few feet away from the TV?  I will tell it it's much easier, if you've worn the treadmill out for the day, by putting in several miles on it. And so the accountability continues...
Monday 2.6 miles 3.7 mph 45 mins
tues 4 miles 3.7 mph 60+ mins
weds 5 miles 3.8 mph .5 incline 80+ mins
thurs 4 miles, .5 incline 60+ mins
fri - rest
sat - rest (ok I was lazy and really just skipped)
sun 4.25 miles .5 incline
mon 6.25 miles .5 incline (watched a movie approx 1.5 hours)
tues 6 miles .5 incline most of it at 3.9 mph (watched another movie)

I will say that adding the small incline definitely makes walking harder. And I was actually shocked today that I was able to do 6 miles without feeling like I was going to die.  Yes I was tired, but it was a good tired not an OMG is it over yet tired.  Sadly I haven't lost a single pound.  But then again with Easter and all the candy and cake other stuff that's be around I'm not the least bit surprised there.  On the plus side though I haven't gained a pound either.  So I am good with it.  Later!

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