Still around, just been busy...

Still here, just busy...

Sorting through old pictures.  It's hard, really hard.  I start to work on them and then I put them off.

Went to a 3 day weekend crop that I really needed.  Didn't get much done.  Aside from a little shopping and  chatting, snacking, etc.  But I love the little I did do.  A few really fussy, fussy cut layouts.  These seem to be my current "thing".  I will share once I find the perfect pictures to put on them.

Dd was/has been sick on and off for the entire month of Feb.  So I been busy taking her for xrays, blood work, sonograms etc.. while they try and figure it out. Of course as is the case in all sickness, once you go to the Dr you are fine.  And so is the case with dd.  She has not been sick one day since I took her to the Dr.  Why is that?  But we still had the tests done anyway, just in case it was/is something serious...

My other dd made National Junior Honor Society and her and I have been busy with all that includes,  induction, meetings, volunteering etc.

Dh's travel schedule hasn't let up and if I didn't know better I'd say he was a jack in the box.  In, out, in, out, home, gone, home again, gone again.  So very thankful though that he has a good job.  So I'm not complaining.  The kids and I have found our rhythm and while dinner might be a little sketchy sometimes (strawberries, pound cake and ice cream or pancakes and eggs, etc...).  It's all good. 

Currently obsessed with Cafe World. Can only play the silly game on my laptop, but I am obsessed with catching up to my one friend who is several levels ahead of me.  Why?  Oh, why do I play these silly games?  :)

Alright I'm out of time.  Got so this will have to do as a brief update. Later!

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dawn said...

Hi Renee, I found you thru Allison Davis's blog and saw your comment and read some of your blog. I hope you don't mind but after reading how you feel about scrapping and wanted to ask you if you know about Becky Higgins and her new idea on scrapping? It's about the everyday things and people like you said, not about the paper and frills on the page. It's called Project Life and you take a picture a day and journal about it and slip it into the album. Everythhing you need is one kit and all you do is take a picture of anything about that day and write a little something aobut it. It's easy, unstressfull and still tells the story about your family so they can still have something to look at when they are older. I feel the same way you do at times it's just too much and my pictures sit there and pile up then I get that urge again to create so I start up again.

Another great thing about this project life album is that I found a great group of women who have joined together to give us a place to share our pictures and ideas with. So I started my first blog a couple months ago and every Tuesday we upload our new pictures of the week and share them. It really is fun to do and easy and love seeing the other families and what they are doing. So if you are interested go to my blog and read about mine and click on Jessica Turner's link on the right hand side and read about others like mine.

I hope you don't mind me leaving this advise for you, just didn't want you to totally give up yet. Let me know what you think either way. I must say though don't you just love Allison's work, she's so awesome and I love her style. It's always about the story and her pages are clean and simple. Hope I helped you.