Sneak Peak #3

OK this is a first, it's 4 pm and my car is 95% pack for the crop tomorrow.  Yes! 95% packed for a crop that doesn't happen until tomorrow.  Sooo not like me!  Usually I am running around lat the last minute digging through my scrap room trying to figure out what I am going to work on.  But this time instead of turning my disaster of a scrap room into an even bigger disaster, I am taking an already pack bag.  I think???? It has two or three unfinished layouts in it. I'm really not even sure and you know what it doesn't even matter.  I packed my tool tote and my sewing machine and it is what it is.  If I am missing something I'll just have to make do w/o it.  I figure between talking, shopping eating and teaching I'm not going to get a whole lot done anyway, so I'm not stress out over it.  I ALWAYS over pack for crops.  So this time I'm going with the less is more theory and if I have to buy me new paper or something, poor me.  ;)

And with that said are you ready for the last sneak?  I won't be home tomorrow am to post it.  I'll be at the store - so I might as well share it now.  I'd wait but I don't know if I'll be able to get Internet access from Dee's - I kind of doubt it, so rather than crossing my fingers and praying I'm going with the sure fire plan.  ;) Enjoy!  And if you want a kit give Dee's a call and we'll get one put together for you.  See you tomorrow!

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