Catching up...

I'm tired.  I got home late from the crop, hot tired but feeling refreshed.  Catching up with the girls and meeting and making new friends is always fun.  It refreshes the soul.  And well throw a little bit of creativity in there and it's all good stuff.

Dee out did herself with yummy food from Mario's and Moe's.  And everyone chipped in to surprise her with a b-day cake and a gift card.  I think she was truly surprised. :) That's what's so great about scrap-booking all the wonderful people you meet that become your life long friends.  The classes on Saturday were amazing.  Everyone had a full class and the creativity was flowing.  I had six in my class and the extra kits I bagged were sold out by the end of the night.  If you want a kit but didn't get one let Dee know asap.  There is very little of the paper I used in my class left. Click picture to see it bigger.  :)

I have company coming this afternoon, so I have to get moving on all the chores and stuff I let slide yesterday.  Have a great day!

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Heather said...

Hi Renee! Can you tell me how you get rid of the boxes on your page where your posts are on your blog? Or how you make them transparent so they dont cover parts of your backround? I can seem to figure it out.