Goodbye Scenic Route

If you love Scenic Route, and who doesn't love Scenic Route? You had better stock up on them now. Seriously. Scenic Route announced Friday that they are holding a liquidation sale in preparation for shutting down the company. So sad, but unfortunately true. I wish it wasn't, but in these economic times, it is totally understandable. If you are interested in their liquidation sale check out their web store here.
......In other news .....
In other news if you are in Florida and shop at the scrapbook store K2. The store has been sold. Yes! It's always good news when a scrapbook store gets to remain open instead of closing. And while I don't shop at K2. I think I visited it once while one vacation. I am happy for the local girls. They will still continue to have a LSS. From what I read, the 50% off sale will continue until Sept 30. Then come Oct 1, the new owners Jessica & Kathy will take over. That's all I know. If you want more info call or stop by the store.

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