Books, Books and more books...

For someone who reads as much I do you would think that I'd have a favorite author or two. But I don't. I read whatever catches my fancy. Sometimes it's the art work on the cover, the description on the back, every once in a while a title will catch my eye, and other times I can be drawn in by the words on the spine. Yep I am an equal opportunity reader. And my favorite haunt is my local library. Yes library. Crazy I know. It's not because I don't love bookstores. I do! But I can't afford to frequent them. I can walk out of the library with a stack of books for free, where as the same trip to the book store can cause serious $ damage to my wallet.

Here's what I've read recently...

The Host by S. Meyer.
This one was on my summer reading list, but I never got around to it. It sat on the shelf all summer. Unloved. Don't really know why. It just didn't call my name after I brought it home. I finally sat down to start it. I felt I had too because I bought it, as in paid $ for it. If I hadn't bought it I probably would have returned it unread. But... I'm glad I bought it. It was a "really" book. Great story, totally worth reading. When I finished it I was kicking myself for letting it sit unloved for so long.

The Murder Game By C. Feehan
I picked this one up at my library. It is the seventh book in a series. And I was really hesitant about starting another series, especially one with seven books in it. (I'm still being haunted by the Outlander series. ) But this one sounded really really good. Ghostwalkers, psychic ability, etc.. totally up my alley. So I said what the h___ I'll look for the first one. My library didn't have the first one. So I when I added the book to my bag it was a maybe read. It sounded to good to put back. And I caved and read it! I know w/o even reading the first six books in the series. The shame of it all! But...
It didn't disappoint. It was a really good quick read. I had it done by dinner time. It read like a stand alone book. No blatant references to previous books story lines. And starting with the seventh book didn't seem to affect the story. Don't know if I'll read the other six in this series or not but I definitely liked this one.

Lord of the Legends By S. Krinard -
I loved this book! I read it in an afternoon. If you like stories about unicorns and the like from the land of make believe set in current times you will like this one. Arion is the Unicorn King. He is cursed and sent to Earth as a human. The whole love story is about what he must do to once again become a unicorn. I finished this book far to quickly. Shame it's not part of a series.

The magic knot by H. C. Taylor
This is another story about the land of make believe. This one has fairies and magic knots. Add in a love romance, some Tarot cards, a bad boy on a motorcycle and a stiff accountant and you have your typical feel good romance novel with a bit of fantasy thrown in. A good rainy day afternoon read. Nothing special, but not bad.

And that's what I've been doing instead of blogging or scrapbooking. I know the shame of it. But I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, and it's still my go to rainy day addiction. And we certainly have been having our fair share of rain lately. :)

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