Did you hear? Out of the dust of Simple Scrapbooks comes...

Ok I heard about this yesterday and I would have shared it yesterday, but well, life got in the way. It happens sometimes. So what's the news? Well do you remember my post about Simple Scrapbooks Magazine coming to an end? That was true. But it seems that "a lot" of the old Simple staff weren't ready to be turned out to pasture and because of that ...

A lot of the former Simple Scrapbook staff have launched a new website called ... Write. Click. Scrapbook. Granted they don't have everything figured out. But they do have a lot of talent and inspiring designers signed on.

According to Nancy Nally of Scrapbook Update...
June 1st brought great news for fans of the defunct CK Media magazine Simple Scrapbooks: a large group of former staffers of the magazine has launched a new website to carry on the editorial mission of the magazine.
Write.Click.Scrapbook was co-founded by Simple Editorial Board members Tina Cockburn, Elizabeth Dillow, and Marnie Flores. Emilie Ahern did the site’s CSS design.

Also signed on to participate is a “who’s who” from Simple Scrapbooks: Aly Dosdall, Angie Lucas, Ann Costen, Autumn Baldwin, Beth Proudfoot, Carolyn Jolley, Celeste Smith, Cheryl Overton, Elisha Snow, Emilie Ahern, Erin Sweeney, Francine Clouden, Jen Wozab, Jody Wenke, Karen Glenn, Katrina Simeck, Kim Morgan, Lain Ehmann, Linda Barber, Lisa Dickinson, Melanie Louette, Melissa Kaiserman, Rachel Gainer, Rebecca Cooper, Sara Winnick, and Stacy Julian.

As Lain Ehmann told Scrapbook Update, “Write.Click.Scrapbook will bring some of the world’s best scrapbook writers and designers together in one place for inspiration and fun.” To read the rest of the article click here.

To hear a brief discussion of this new site between Noel Hyman and Nancy Nally click here to be taken to the Paperclipping Website.
So that's my scrapbook news of the day. :) Chow!

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