8th Grade Graduation Day

My son's 8th grade graduation was yesterday. Did I just say 8th grade graduation? Wow! Where did the time go!

Due to space and size constraints the graduation ceremony was split into 2 parts, with half the class graduating at 6pm and the other half of the class at 7:30pm. IMHO doing that was really cheesy as it meant that we didn't get to see half of ds's friends graduate. And that we didn't get to see the awards that they won and to cheer them on. Yes I understand why they did it. It just seems to me they could have come up with a better solution. I mean seriously, when the kids graduated from elementary school they held the ceremony at the High School. Seems to me they could have done the same thing for 8th grade classes.

Anyway, we sat in the first row. And seeing the smiles on all the the kids faces was amazing. They were so proud of themselves. It was wonderful to watch them beam as their name was called and they walked on stage. You would think I'd have great pictures to show for it. I mean getting their early and sitting in the front row, but I do not. As each row of students was called they held them until the next row was called and as my son walked up on stage the entire previous row were sent to their seats, walking directly in front of me. Oh well, I guess I'm going to have to stage a pic or two of him.

But I think the best part of the whole ceremony was watching the individual kids singled out for special awards. It was so fun seeing their shocked expressions as they realized that yes they were being honored for a particular subject. I watched several of my sons friends get awards and then imagine my surprise when my own son was singled out for a Science Award. I did get a picture of that! :) And then just when I thought we were about done they gave out special Principle Awards. I'm not sure what the students had to do to qualify for those but I am proud to say my son won one of those too. WAY TO GO HANDSOME! WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!

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