Dentists and root canals

Just a quickie post today. I spent yesterday at the dentist - root canal and crown. Ugh! I hate going to the dentist. It's so stressful. I left the office wound so tight... But I survived - just barely. Then he gave me the bad news. This crown is only temporary. I have to go back again next week to have the actual crown put in. Surely he is crazy. It took me 2 months - Yes, two months to get up the nerve to schedule this part of the appointment. The crown portion after the root canal. Ugh! I do not want to go back. I know I need/have to, but I really really don't want to.

My kids are so much braver than I when it comes to the dentist. After today's experience I will never, ever, give them a hard time about wanting a milkshake after a trip to the dentist again. I will even gladly buy them milkshakes for a week after a visit to the dentist. Yes it was that bad. OK truth be told it was probably just a routine root canal and crown - but I'd liken it to child birth. It's day two and my mouth still hurts and I've still got a killer stress headache. Where's my milkshake?

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