Here's my Double Dee

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Posted by Picasa

Not exactly sure how this work as I am messing around with using Picassa to post these pictures of my layout for Dee's this week. But for what it's worth here goes nothing. Usually I use Photoshop Elements for for some strange reason it will not open for me.

Hummmm, pictures loaded really small. Sorry about that! But if you click on them, you can see all the detail and then some. They come up huge! Must have something to do with my camera settings as I know I take them really large. I like having the ability to crop a so so picture into a better usuable one. Plus you never know what tiny little detail you might want after the fact.

I am noticing now that in the pics everything is sort of fuzzy as well. I don't think they look like that on my camera. Maybe that's Picassa reducing the file size? Oh well. It is what it is. :)

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