Happy Birthday Peanut!

Today my youngest turns 10! When did I get so old? I swear it was just yesterday that she was a little itty bitty baby and I was bringing her home from the hospital. Now she is a great big 10 year old! I love you bunches peanut! Happy Birthday!

Today will just be a simple little family dinner and some cupcakes to celebrate as her dad is out of town. We will all celebrate together over the weekend. Now don't go thinking she's getting a bum deal or anything. She had a full fledged b-day party with her two best friends this past weekend. They came over in the afternoon and we did crafts, swam and played games, made cupcakes etc. Then they slept over and in the morning I took everyone to the beach. Everyone had a grand old time playing the in sand jumping waves, etc. We didn't leave the beach until almost 3, hit Wendy's for some frosty fun to cool everyone off and give mom a desperately needed sugar rush. Then they came back here and swam and played some more. When I finally had the girls call their parents to go home the parents said we wondered if you were ever going to send them home. Yup! My dd is luckily. She has wonderful friends.

I took a bunch of pictures, but I haven't pulled them from the camera yet. When I do I'll add a few pics, so you can see all the fun the girls had.

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