It's a girl!

Santa came early to our house this year. A new kitten was the only thing on my girls' Christmas lists. We were adamant that we didn't need another pet. We already have 2 cats, 2 dogs and a bearded dragon. Kittens grow up and become cats.

The girls wrote a very persuasive letter. Offering up their allowances and saved $ to pay for a new kitten, it's food and care. They offered to work together, to clean stinky smelly litter boxes. It could be their "only" Christmas present.

We really don't need another pet. It's a fight to get the kids to take care of the ones we do have. The letter really moved my dh. Seriously, moved him. I think he might have taken the girls that same day to get one except he didn't read their letter until adoption time was almost over. Hummmm... I couldn't believe he was even considering it. I mean seriously. He hates cats. He just brought us home my baby Midge a year ago.

We sat on the idea. We thought about it for a few days. He said you know if we do this you'll still be cleaning litter boxes when the girls go away to college. Hum, good point. Very, very good point. Especially when you say it like that. I really really hate cleaning litter boxes. I procrastinate as long as possible. I've spent serious $ on an automatic litter box. I buy the expensive brand name cat litter because of it. We have 3 litter boxes for 2 cats, so that I don't have to do it every day. Our roles switched. I was the one saying no now.

I just went to look. I just wanted to see if the little cutie the girls liked had been adopted. She wasn't. But I was strong. Then I talked to the lady getting more info. I asked if there were any snugly ones. I shouldn't have. I'm weak. My kids know that I'm weak. Jen batted her eyes at me. Sam pleaded and used logic. I held her. I felt my resolve melting. I called Rich. He refused to be the grown up, my voice of reason. His exact words are a blur. In the end, I caved. I couldn't say no to this face. Could you?

She's teenie tiny, a little snuggle bug. She's mine as much as she's my daughters'. I love her already. She needs a name. Preferably one starting with an "m". All our pets have "m" names..... Maggie, Melvin, Mitzi, Midge, and ?.

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luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Well don't worry you are not the only weak one..hence why there is a 6 month old puppy here since July ;-) Now naming pets while people laugh at me, I always recommend baby names dot com, my youngest cat was nicked named little one...looked up meaning came up with Cheney...at the time battle lines were drawn for the election so it was too perfect! As for the kitty litter, try the electric ones I used to have them and they were awesome (can't use them anymore due to basement floods) Miss talking to you on CKMB ..Happy Holidays