Design Team Contest - Take #2

Well I did it. I turned in the layouts that I made for the design team competition. I wasn't sure I was going to. I had barely made a dent in the kit materials. I spent to much time window shopping on-line for cool ideas and coming up with grandiose plans for the papers instead of actually scrapbooking with them. The best laid plans of mice and men.... Note to self: In the future, plan less, scrapbook more!

So now I have all of these cool ideas and projects that I want to make bookmarked in my brain. But the deadline is here. I am out of time. What to do? I waffled. I wavered. I looked at the pile of un-touched materials. Then the phone rang, and someone - you know who you are (wink) - asked me to bring my stuff in. I stuttered, but I've barely made a dent in the kit materials. She persisted. "It's okay. Just bring in what you have". OK, twist my arm.

Well, she didn't have to twist much. I was already feeling guilty for taking on this project and not seeing it through to the end. I would be setting a bad example to my kids. And I knew they were watching, soaking it all in. Would I quit? Or would I see it through to the end? So since quitting would be setting a bad example, I brought in what I had. It wasn't as much as I would have liked, but it was what I had. And I was really happy with the pieces I did finish. Could I have done a lot more? Absolutely. Procrastinating is never a good strategy. I tell my kids that all the time. Do I regret it? Absolutely. But I made my bed, and now I'll have to live with it. Thank you for the phone call. I needed it. But I did it. I brought them in. Now the rest is up to fate.

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