Scrapbook Trends coupon code

Scrapbook Trends has become my favorite scrap magazine. It didn't use to be. CK use to be my #1 favorite. But with CK slowly getting thinner and thinner I am finding it less and less inspiring. I never thought I'd "ever" say that. But it's true. In fact, I am actually considering let my subscription lapse - gasp! Sad, but true. I have (and still do) consider CK to be the Holy Grail of scrapbooking mags when it comes to getting stuff pubbed. But it is no longer my go to mag for inspiration. (insert sad face) And on that note I'd thought I'd share the coupon code that came in my e-mail. The code "sb.com" will save you 15% off of I believe any of the "Trend" mags. Scrapbook Trends, Cards, Beads, and their new one Handmade. (It's replacing Paper Trends.) Humm... I really liked Paper Trends, sorry to see it go. So there you go if you've been thinking about subscribing to one of them, do it now and save an extra 15%.

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