Halloween Party re-cap....

We all went to dh's work Halloween party and 2 out of my 3 kids won the halloween costume contest in their age group. All three might have won except that Sam and Jen were both in the same age group. Can you believe it? Me the anti-halloween person (ok not really anti halloween - I - ME - MYSELF just hate getting dressed up for Halloween.) I'm totally fine with everything else. I just don't dress up. So Bring on the candy!

Sam decided to scrap the old scream costume this year. Yay! Finally! Thank you God! I think she has only worn that thing like the last 5 halloweens. Ok not really - but for several in a row. This year she decided to make her own costume. Well sort of, I ended up making most of it. She was the gory, gross, disgusting, glow in the dark cereal killer. Yes "cereal" killer, aka cereal boxes stabbed knives and forks dripping glow in the dark milk and blood. It was cool, unique, comfortable to wear and lots of fun to make! She wasn't to happy about the amount of attention she got in it... aka a lot of people commenting on what a great idea it was. Thank you very much. But she loved the costume and was happy with how it turned out. She was really impressed with me when she won the 6-12 yr old halloween costume - against a huge amount of kids. Prize - $25 gift cert to Barnes and Noble. Very cool. Although I she would have preferred another store.

Then to add to my victory, Alex won the 12yr and up halloween costume with his garbage can costume. I created this one last year for him as he didn't want to go trick or treating and just wanted to stay home and scare people. I was fine with that, but didn't really want him to be a creepy monster. I remember how some dude did that to my kids one year and basically ruined their halloween. Little kids don't like being scared by alien creatures dripping in blood and guts - not even in the name of fun or when they know it's not really real. But getting scared by a garbage can is just good clean fun - pun intented! So Alex re-used his garbage can this year when he decided to dress up this year for the party. He didn't wear it last year to the party. So there you have it a double win.

We could have made it a triple crown as Jen was totally adorable as a Hula Dancer, but alas the age groups didn't permit it and there were not second places in the age group. That's okay peanut, maybe next year will be your year to bring home the gold.

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