Run to Target... seriously!

If you are in need of beach chairs, cushions, or patio furniture drop what you are doing right now and head for your nearest Target. Seriously. The girls and I were in there looking for school clothes and I just happened to happen upon their 75% off clearance sale. All outside furniture stuff is on clearance. Most of it is 75% off. Don't trust the little in store scanners. They are not ringing stuff up at the 75% off price. Instead if you like or love it, put it in your cart and take it to the checkout counter for them to tell you the "real" price. For around $80 I got to new chaise lounge cushions regularly $40 for just $10. Two $40 beach chairs for $10 each and two $80 (yes $80) each beach chairs for $20 each.

And let me tell you, I'm so loving the $80 chairs. They are these multi function chairs that can be a chair or chaise. But they really cool thing about them is they have a cut out so that you can lay flat on your stomach and read a book and tan your back all at the same time. Kind of hard to describe, but trust me they are totally cool! And very worth it for me as I love to read while at the beach. So go now to your nearest Target as this stuff won't last for very long at 75% off.

Wait I found a picture of it. There you go. Isn't it totally cool?!

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