Had the Best of Intentions

Okay I had the best of intentions of keeping this blog up to date, but needless to say life has gotten in the way.

Some things on my to do list for today.
#1 - Update my blog. I was all set to do this and post some pics too - I love looking at pics on other people's blogs - but I have yet to pull the pics of the last few days off of my camera. Can you believe it?? Me scrapbooker lady who always has the camera in hand hasn't even looked at the xmas pic, not to mention the New Years ones or even gasp! the circus ones!

Yes we went to the Circus. I am soooo hoping that those pics came out good. It was dark, but the stage was basking in light so hopefully they came out. I used the zoom lens - very cool - so glad I ran back into the house at the last minute to grab it. Because Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get any pics. Well I could of but everyone would have looked like colorful ants. Of course there was no flash photography - so here's to hoping with fingers and toes crossed that the stage had enough light. Anyway...

#2 Bet you can guess this one...on my list is to pull pics off the camera

#3 upload some of them pics to actually get them printed - Clark Color has been offering 2 cents prints for the past week. So if you need to print pictures - check them out. I haven't used them before - but I have heard good things about them. Fast shipping and decent quality.

#4 etc all is all the really dreary stuff like house cleaning - yuck!

#5 grocery shopping - I don't really mind this one - but it just feels like I work there because I'm there like every other day. We are always out of something - usually milk or bread - but you know the drill.

#6 and this one will be on my list for who knows how long is to declutter and organize. I am a pack rat. It's a learned trait passed down through several generations (my mother, my grandmother, etc were all pack rats.) So I have a really hard time with this one, but I'm making progress. Slow, really slow, but I'm trying and every little bit counts.

#7 Oh and I probably should go to the bank. Ugh! I guess I need to get busy and get off this computer and stop procrastinating. Off to start my chores. See ya!

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