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So I spent yesterday at the vet.  We had reached the end of the line with him. Cat 100, Patience -0-.  It's been a long time coming.... 7 1/2 years. And too many dog beds, backpacks, baskets of clean laundry, newspaper bins, throw pillows, comforters, etc to count.  Not to mention my two white upholstered spinney chairs.  God how I loved those chairs!  They spun and rocked and where just so cool.  But I digress. His latest... Hubby's dry cleaning, several dress shirts and 3 suits.

So I explained it all to the vet.  I feel like my hands are tied.  We can't do this anymore.  He can't become an outside cat.  It cost me $1000 the one time he opened the front door and we didn't catch him right away.  Cat fight + declawed cat = big vet bill + $ to change door hardware so cat can't open it anymore. Darn smart cat. Can't tell you how many times he's set off the alarm system trying to open doors.

So they test him. They know, I've used this last ditch effort before. Last time.  Last time, he was fine and we just regrouped and went into prevention mode.  It got better for a while.  But we got lax. There is only so much prevention mode you can do before someone makes a mistake or forgets or is in a hurry.  It's been a long 7 1/2 years and instead of getting better it's getting worse. We are done.  But we wanted to give him the benefit of doubt. We needed to know we did everything we could.  So I explained... Long story short, if there isn't something wrong... urinary tract infection, bladder infection, etc. We are done.

Well be careful what you ask for.  The results are back.  He is a type 2 diabetic with possible hyperthyroidism.  He needs insulin shots 2x a day and a high protein special diet.  He needs to eat before/after each shot.  Life just got a whole lot more complicated.  We go tomorrow to see just how complicated.

Mom, wherever you are, I know you are laughing.  You were right.  I should have become a vet.

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Ines said...

he has the same thing my dad has, my my father is not as distructive...LOL. Good luck