It's been 17 years...

Since the diagnosis... Meningioma.
I reflect this time every year.
It was Memorial Day weekend.
I couldn't bend or feel my pinkie and hadn't been able to for a while.
I thought it was carpal tunnel.
It didn't hurt or really bother me but, I was starting to have trouble typing.
I was a computer programmer.  Being able to type helps.  :)
Still, I only mentioned it in passing, as is this normal?
It was an after thought, really.  My appt was already over.
I was 7 months pregnant.
There were 4 or 5 different teams of doctors in the OR.
It was a teaching hospital.
I was an unusual case.  Pregnant + Meningioma + No Symptoms  = Unusual
I saw more doctors, and residents, and nurses than I could count.
You would have thought the door to my room was a turn style.
I lost sensation and fine motor control in my left hand.
My son was born 2 weeks late, 2 1/2 months later.
I have a wicked scar, aka bald spot.
Neurosurgeons aren't the best hairdressers or hairstyle planners.
I was lucky.

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