There's no place like home.

OK something else is wrong with my blog. I can't get my paragraphs to stay as paragraphs and it all becomes on long blog of text. Sorry. So sorry! I don't know how to fix this... I'm back in town. And let me tell you while traveling for pleasure is fun. Doing so for business is not quite so fun. And well combining the two just makes one truly appreciate coming home. I don't know how my dh does it. We were gone for almost two weeks with 3 timezone changes and well my body doesn't know if it's coming or going. 3 days later and I still can't sleep at night and I'm tired all day. I will tell you I am almost through the laundry but forget about the rest of the house. It will have to wait. It's all I can do to think about cooking dinner. I'm so over eating out/take out food. I want real food plain and simple. But I really don't feel like cooking it. Tired, bone acking tired. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon. I really don't mind cooking and prefer cooking at home to eating out. Food I like, prepared how I like it. It's the simple things that make me happy. :) And for more randomness because I'm lucky if I can string together a complete thought... My kitties do indeed love me. Alright I sort of knew that, but didn't realize just how much they love me. And they "really" did miss me. In fact my standoff-ish cat, Midge who I thought mearly just tolerated me came running, yes running to see me when she realized I was home. And my snuggly one, Roxy will not let me out of her sight. She had a fit when I closed the bathroom door and she couldn't get in. I was our of her sight for less than 5 minutes. Crazy I tell you. Now my kids on the other hand, it was all they could do, to give me a hug. But I kind of expected that. They are teenagers of course. Although my girls certainly made up for it when I gave them their souvenirs. While not quite their exact words, my one dd said something to the effect of mom you pick the best souvenirs, so much better than dad. :) I just love that comment. It was said with true feeling before she actually realized what she was saying and thought to censor it for some teenage wise crack. Murano glass heart necklaces from Sorrento, Italy are apparently better than t-shirts. :) (Although I did buy my son a t-shirt. He loves t-shirts as proven by the fact that he wore it to school the next day. Although Europeans are tiny people I bought him an XXL and he told me it was too small. ) Anyway, Shhh don't tell my 2 dd's that their necklaces were cheaper than t-shirts. ;) Or that I bought them because I wanted something that might actually last and get used by them. The ever practical mom in me. Plus they were just sooooo pretty and unique. Maybe that's why I bought 6 of them. Dh didn't care he just wanted to get out of the store... Small colorful sparkly glass I could have spent all afternoon in there. I'm easy to please. I walked right past the leather purses and custom shoe booths. But pretty glass jewerly called my name. Ok I've got to try and get something done before I take a nap. :) I really need a nap...

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