Comin up for air...

I just finished Karen Moning's Highlander series. Series as in seven books long. Good sized ones at probably 500 pages each . In guess what? 4 days!!!! I have the best husband in the world! He let me just sit in my favorite corner and read! With occasional breaks for food of course, OK and some laundry. But still. And my kids, well they love when mom's nose in buried in a book. She forgets to tell them to do stuff like clean their rooms, vacuum etc... Anyway, What a great series! I loved it almost as much as her Dreamfever series.

What I liked, no make that LOVED BEST about the Highlander series was that although the story continued on in each book, there were no serious cliff hangers. You know where you are absolutely dying to know what happens next. So in theory I could have (if I really wanted to) finished one book and done something around the house w/o dying to know what happened next. That was so not the case in the Dreamfever series. I barely set one book down before I picked up the next one. Good, but not so good. Actually if I would have realized that the fever series ended in a cliff hanger, I wouldn't have read it. I thought at the time that the series was complete. I hate being left in the lurch in a book series and try to only read series that are complete. And with that said I am waiting for the release of Shadowfever. Bummer that it doesn't come out until Jan 2011. Anyway, Got to go! I've got a 2 week's worth chores waiting for me. But it was worth it! :)

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Good Morning Renee......Because I didn't have your email addy I'm going to try and answer your question here and hope you receive it...BTW, the marshmallow catapult is ADORABLE!!!!

Ok...on using the embossing tool to make my score lines......I put all the lines that I want to be scorelines on their own layer and when I'm ready to make the score I close the eyes on all the other layers and have ONLY the score line layer showing.......(I'll do this on my regular mat.....IF I don't have anymore embossing to do) then once the scoring is done I'll close that eye and open the other layers and switch out my embossing tip for my blade housing and then do my cut....ALWAYS BE SURE instead of hitting UNLOAD to hit LOAD to put the housing and mat back into the start position.....does that make sense??

Now inregards to cutting on the embossing mat.....it doesn't hurt the mat.....it might cut through the mat a wee bit but it's ok......the mat is still usable....But I will share with you I MUCH MORE prefer the Cri-Kits embossing mat HANDS DOWN it's better in all ways.....Ok...I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!!!