Cause for the Paws Crop

Woo Hoo! I'm currently packing the car and getting ready for a girlfriends weekend away. We are all headed to Sebring for the annual Cause for the Paws Crop. It's a fund raiser crop where the total $ raised goes to help the local animal shelter. What could be better than that? Cropping for the weekend and helping my beloved furry friends! I mean it's not like a have a cat or two or three or even a dog times two, not to mention the snake and bearded dragon. Yeah! We just have a "few" pets. Anyway, the crop doesn't officially start until tomorrow so if you are game and want a last minute getaway give the Kenilworth Lodge in Sebring a call or check out the Cause for the Paws blog here. They might be able to squeeze you in. ;)

My kids? Oh ya! They are doing the happy dance. Daddy is running the show for the weekend. You know what that means... take out (Mc Donald's, pizza, buffalo wings and Chinese) is on the menu. Yes I did stock the house with fresh fruit, veggies and other nutritious food. But most of that will probably not be touched with a ten foot pole. Why do I have to be the food police? Oh well not going to worry about it. I tried. Anyway... Gotta go. Stuff to pack...

p.s. Happy Belated Birthday Pop Pop!

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