CK Media - Sold!

Have you heard the news?!!!! CK Media has been sold! The new owners laid off lots of higher ups as the company didn't need two CEO's etc. Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out. If you want to read more about it check out 2 peas or scrapbook update. Both sites have links and articles on them.

In other news, my main computer is dead - ok maybe not dead but it has some major issues. Like no matter what I do I can't get a picture on my monitor. It's not the monitor, or the cable or the power cord. I've pulled it all apart and re-assembled it. Swapped out everything I could with the kids computer, but nothing. It's going to need to go to the shop. Ugh! It could be a video card or the power source or who knows what. Hopefully it won't cost too much $$ to have it fixed. So I am without a computer until that happens.

Other than that, I am working like a mad man/woman. Still setting priorities... The last few days have been spent preparing and getting my balcony and lanai cleared of "stuff" so that I can clean up the mess. You know kitty litter, dust, dirt, spiders and just the general yuck that comes from having a house that backs up to trees. Seriously my back yard is like 5 feet of grass and then trees - we back a preserve. But So far so good. The pressure washer only died once on me and thankfully restarted with a wee bit of a rest. So my balcony is clean. Yippee! It desperately needed it. Now all I have to do is wait for it to dry and move the furniture and stuff back. Tomorrow is the lanai, that will take me to the rest of the week. Oh oh why did I get a white pool cage. Oh I know why because at our last house it wasn't a big deal keeping it clean ,we had neighbors behind us. But living with trees behind us guarantees that a week after I get it sort of white it will be going green again.

I know not a very exciting post, but I figured it was better than talking about Michael Jackson as so many people seem to be doing. Chow! Kids are hungry and I don't have much of a dinner plan.

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