Back from the Boxer Crop

I'm back in town. I left early Friday morning to head to Tampa for the Boxer Rescue Crop. It was a fundraiser being held at the Tampa Art Institute to benefit the Boxer Rescue Organization. And it was a complete and total blast! I went to crop (but didn't even complete one layout - shhhh don't tell my dh!) Next time I'll just go and take some of the culinary classes. The culinary classes they offered were amazing. Check out that carved watermelon! Everyone who took one totally raved about them.

I didn't take any but I had fun anyway. And it was oh so relaxing. It was just what I needed, even though I didn't know it at the time. Lots of talking, eating, laughing and hanging out with friends. It was a perfect weekend getaway.

I'm still playing catch up after being gone for the weekend. I've got laundry done and mostly put away. Already been to Publix - 3 times. Yes once Sunday for a quick dinner, and then back on Monday. And then again on Tuesday. Having a house full of kids sleepover Monday and Tuesday will do that to you.

Today is general cleaning (vacuuming, etc ), guitar lessons, a trip to the library and planning for Orlando. There's more on the list, but I'm trying to keep it real...to much to do and not enough time...

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