"Tie-Dyed" Eggs (Literally)

Ok I know that Easter is long gone. But, when you're blog hopping you sometimes find cool stuff after the fact. And you mean to remember it for next year, but then you never do. Or if you are like me you remember it but then can't find it. Aka... I'm still trying in vein to locate a layout I saw about being an internet junkie. The person's hands were tied together with the cord of a computer mouse and there was a thought bubble coming out of the person's head with internet jargon. If you know the layout I'm talking about or even something similar let me know. If it's the one I'm looking for I'll send you a RAK. But I digress.

So I started blog hopping and ended up at Our Best Bites (see previous post) and there I found these truly unique colored eggs. They were colored by wrapping eggs in men's silk ties. Aren't they just the cat's pajamas! So very beautiful! And truly unique! Click here for the link to Our Best Bites where full instructions are posted as well as a downloadable pdf.

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