Free Scrapbook Trends Mini Albums

In keeping with the talk about scrapbook magazines going away, check out Scrapbook Trends new digital issues of their magazines. You can download a free copy of their book Mini Albums here.

While I am an old school book loving library nerd who just loves curling up with a good book or magazine, I have to say that I am truly impressed with the wonderful job Scrapbook Trends has done with this concept. You can bookmark pages, add notes and even download it to your computer. It's a great concept and I can really see how having all digital copies of my magazines would be useful; less to pack, saving valuable bookshelf space, zooming in to read the details, etc.

But I just don't see myself being converted. I like being able stash my mags in my purse or take them to the beach. And I always have a few stashed in my car, just in case. No I still prefer my reading material in print. I wonder if Scrapbook Trends will offer it's subscribers the option of getting both a print copy and access to the on-line versions? That would be the best of both worlds in my opinion. I could easily take my digital copies with me to a crop and yet still curl up with the printed versions at night. What do you think?

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