Design Team Happy Dance

Wooo Hooo! Doing the happy dance! I tried out for the design team at my LSS. Well actually I had someone twist my arm a little when it came to trying out for the design team. I wanted to try out and then at the last minute got cold feet and was going to chicken out. But a certain someone gave me a nudge. So I'm sending a big thank you out to you... THANK YOU!

So anyway the last few days I've been busy uploading and printing pictures. You wouldn't believe how behind I am at doing that. I haven't even pulled my Christmas pictures off my camera yet. YIKES! I still need to do that. And then I feel compelled to edit and adjust each one of them. UGH! Why do I do this to myself? Don't answer that! So anyway that's what I've been working on.

Well that and my first design team layout. I'll upload pictures of it soon. It came out okay. But I wish it had more knock your socks off quality to it. I think it's the pictures. They need more wow factor. The ones I planned the layout for didn't work. Oh well, next time I'll print the pics ahead of time.

I will say that it was harder than I thought it would be. I'm used to pulling stuff from my stash and playing around with it until I find something I like. Can't do that with this as everyone needs to get the same stuff in their kit. So that awesome embellishment that I "really" wanted to use is out - unless I happen to have a bunch of them. That's okay though. I've learned from this experience and from now on I'll make sure I have a more concrete plan in mind rather than just a vague idea.

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