Quilled Snowflake

A year or two ago a took a quilling class at my LSS. My first impression of all things quilled (Keep in mind that this was based on all those super cute quilled embellishments that were showing up in the scrapbook stores left and right at the time.) was that it was really hard and complicated to do. Well at my first and "only" quilling class I discovered that quilling is actually really, really easy. All you basically do is roll a little strip of paper into a circle and then glue the end of it. Easy peasy right. Not so much for me. You have to have good hand eye coordination. And ummm... actually be able to see what you are doing. And lastly you need to have patience. I tried it. I didn't have the patience for it. So I am really impressed when people create things like this.

I showed it to my dd. She took the quilling class with me. And she liked it! She has the patience for this and for all things teenie, tiny. She actually collects little bits of this and that that she finds. So it is right up her alley. I'm hoping this picture will inspire her to make me one. And if she is willing to give it a go, I might - I just might try to make my own. Anyway if you want to try your hand at making one of these, here's the blog I found the tutorial on.

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