Hot Chocolate

A friend recently shared a really moving video about hot chocolate and the cups we choose. It was one of those feel good videos that after you watch you go that is so true. Well, I do anyway. I wanted to post it here but unfortunately I am video challenged. Probably because it's not really a video but more of a slide show or power point presentation and when I choose upload video, blogger took one look at it and said ummm that's not a video. I kind of knew this because it had a.pps file extension. So anyway you'll have to take my word for it that if a friend e-mails you an attachment about hot chocolate it is worth watching.

But if none of your friends e-mail it to you... the basic jest of it was that the hot chocolate that you are given(aka life) is the same whether or not you drink it out of a cheap earthenware cracked mug, porcelain, or crystal. But that most people in life are drawn out without realizing it towards the crystal. And that's where we get the stress and pressure we feel in our life from. From always wanting and striving towards the best of everything even when it does not affect what we are drinking (aka the hot chocolate). Seriously the hot chocolate (metaphor) was that the cup had no impact what so ever on the taste or quality of the hot chocolate they were drinking. Therefore the cup you drank it out of really shouldn't have mattered. But it did! All the people present had a chosen the nicest cups available.... Even though it had no impact on the hot chocolate. Kind of like what we do in life, we strive and want the best of the best even when having the best doesn't have any affect. I know I'm loosing something in the retelling of it. But trust me it was a moving slide show/video. Watch if you get the opportunity to.

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