Busy busy busy & a b-day party too

I have no idea of where time goes I just know that this past week flew by. Seriously it flew by. I guess that's what makes long weekends so great. You are having so much fun that you don't even notice the passing of time until all your free time is gone.

where did it go.... Well for starters...
Saturday was ranked as one of "The Best Day Evers" by my kids. My dd had her b-day 2 weeks ago and we never quite got around to having a b-day party. It's hard to have a b-day party at the beginning of a school year. Your friends from last year are not always in your class and you haven't really gotten to make "good" friends with the kids who are in your class. And well this year with dd in started middle school that's 7 classes of kids and each class has different kids. It's so hard to pick a few for a b-day party. So this year dd asked if we could do something different. Could we take just her and her best friend to Dave and Buster's for her b-day. (for anyone who has never been to Dave and Buster's it's like Chuck e Cheese on testosterone but geared more for grown-ups who think they are still kids... seriously.

And so we left early Saturday afternoon for the trip over to D&B. And after getting everyone their own little D&B credit card filled with approx $25 worth of tokens I watched the $ get fretted away on silly games in exchange for "tickets". Hummm.... It's all about the tickets and how many they could win to trade in for "free" stuff. A serious waste of $ in my opinion but the kids (especially dh) had a blast. And that's really what it was all about.

So what did dd get with all her valuable tickets? Well my little saver traded in < 100 tickets for a ring pop. Yep that's it. She's saving the rest of her tickets up for this really cool electric neon guitar clock. And trust me it's really cool. I even liked it. hint hint if you can't find something you like I'd like one too. She had about 1/2 the # of tickets needed and with an assurance from dh that we would come back soon, she's holding out for the prize she really wants. Now what did my other dd and ds get? They each choose some sort of a mini speaker thing to use with their mp3 players and ipods. They were both pretty happy with their choices and that's all that matters.

After D&B we took off to get some dinner. We walked around ?can't think of the name of the area right now? a bit and after checking out a few places to eat decided on Senor Frogs for dinner. A Mexican place, sadly not the place dd wanted to eat at, but the place that caught her eye had a weird smell to it. And well I just couldn't deal with a weird smell in a food place. I wasn't the only one who really didn't want to eat there. I was just the fall guy who spoke up. Thanks guys! So Senor Frogs was chosen instead. Our meal started with chips and salsa and then we had some more chips and salsa and then some more. Seriously we ate so many baskets of chips and salsa that I'm surprised anyone ate their dinner. But they were good and I guess we were all hungrier than we thought. DD had chicken strips and fries, ds had steak & fries, my other dd had plain pasta, dh had bacon wrapped shrimp. They had a fancy name but ? no idea what it was. I had some spicy beefy, tomato, onion and pepper stew like dish that went on tortillas. Very yummy but very spicy. I took most f it home and ds and I had it for lunch the next day. It was seriously yummy, especially when I wasn't stuffed with chips and salsa.

Sunday - dinner at grammy's. A very relaxing and super meal of seafood. Grilled pita pita clams, steam shrimp, snow crab, bread, salad, watermelon and all the trimmings that come from eating at Grammy's including a Boston cream pie/cake for dessert. Yummy, fun, family time and relaxation at it's best.

Monday - a do nothing kind of day. Dh left for the airport early in the afternoon and the kids and I spent the rest of the day just wasting it away on do nothing kind of stuff.... reading, video games, TV, etc... The stuff that recharges the body and soul. And we finished it up with a mom specialty breakfast for dinner. Nothing quite like having pancakes, fried ham, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. It quick, easy and everyone likes it. ummm, ummm, good!

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