Yes we only got rain!

Oh, and a bit of wind. Well okay a bit more than just a bit of wind. Enough wind to blow the trees sideways, but still it could have been a lot worse. Thankful right now that all the preparations, were just that preparations. It forced us to power up the generator (well Pop Pop did that), fill the extra propane tank, stock up on water and some canned goods and evaluate the battery stash. It's all good, though. So much better to have done it, gone through the preparations and not needed any of it than to have to actually use it.

So what's on tap for the rest of the week? I guess that since the lania is clear of 90% of the furniture, cleaning it will be good. Granted I did pressure wash the whole thing during summer break but it could use it again. It's amazing how fast it gets yucky.

After that maybe, MAYBE I will tackle a wee bit of the garage. It could use it too, but that is a daunting project. Maybe in little chunks it will seem more do-able. Anyway off to enjoy this rainy day with the kids. Later.

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