Preparing for the Crazyness

In less than 6 hours my house will invaded my 6 teenage boys all in the name of a good cause - my son's 14 year old b-day party. It has become a tradition. I'm not sure when we started it probably 4-5 years ago, we bought this house, after he be-friended a bunch of boys on our street. The guest list has changed over the years, but the tradition has not. But at least it's harmless fun and I "know" where he is.

Anyway it's an all male bonding experience, that requires large amounts of pizza, soda, chips, staying up all night and non stop video games. I can't wait, (well I could) but he can't! That's all he's talked about since before his b-day and the fact that it was postponed for various reasons has him all the more fired up and waiting rather impatiently for the guests to arrive. Which he is dealing with by doing what else....playing video games. Ugg! Off to buy the cake and snacks required by teenagers and then clean and vacuum the bonus room before it gets invaded by male testosterone.

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