Yes! We finally have POWER!

Opening a new business is hard. There's tons of stuff you have to do. And even if you stay on top of it all and do everything you are "supposed" to do. Things don't always go as planned. For instance you are at the mercy of inspectors and the permitting gods, who when they are a good mood might get around to you this week or maybe next year. You just never know.

So today I am doing the happy dance. Woo hoo! We have POWER! POWER! as in electrical power! We have been waiting, hoping, praying that we could get the gym open by the 15th. Well the 15th has come and gone and everything was still all tied up by the gods. But finally one of them smiled at us and things have again started to move in the right direction... forward. We finally have power! Good old electrical POWER! Thank you! thank you!

The equipment arrives Monday morning. And if all goes according to plan (note I said "if") it should be set-up by mid afternoon. I can't wait to see what the gym looks like with everything in it. Weds night is equipment orientation. And with a little bit a planning and some work we should officially open our doors to our customers June 1st!!!! Can't wait.

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