Did you ever notice?

That sometimes even when good stuff happens you still sort of feel sad? Take for instance our first mini van. The time had come for us to move on. It was a good car, no make that a great car, but it was time for a new one. So we shopped around and finally bought a new one. And evn though it's as exciting as anything to get a new "brand spanking new" car. It's still kind of sad to say goodbye to the old one. We had lots of fun memories in this old van. At least I'll always have these few pics to remember it by, unlike my previous cars. I don't think a single photo exists of my first three. What can I say I wasn't a scrapbooker then. But I sure do wish I had a picture of them now. Such good memories.

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Jules said...

Returning your visit! You have a very nice blog...did we ever meet when I lived in Ft. Myers? What is your favorite store there?